Save the University Transition Program

January 8th 2023, The Vancouver Sun

What is Transition

The University Transition Program ("UTP") is a tri-institutional partnership between the Vancouver School Board ("VSB"), BC Ministry of Education and the University of British Columbia ("UBC"). The UTP is funded by the BC Ministry of Education, situated in UBC classrooms and run by VSB staff. The Program admits 20 gender-balanced and geographically-balanced BC students per year to complete the five-year highschool curriculum in about two-years for early entrance to UBC, such admittance having been sanctioned by the UBC Senate in 2002. Since its founding in 1993, the Program has graduated almost 500 students.

The UTP has been successfully run on a consistent basis, with oversight by an UTP Steering Committee composed of representatives of the three institutions as well as stakeholders including students, parents and alumni.

What has changed

Around October 2022, days prior to an annual information session for prospective students, the VSB unilaterally, without consultation with the UTP Steering Committee, made two drastic changes to the way the UTP is run:

At the same time, the admissions process was pushed back to March 2023, with no recourse in case the new untested process fails. The VSB announced these changes on December 9th 2022, December 15th 2022, January 5th 2022 and January 13th 2022. An alumni wrote a heart-felt account of why these seemingly innocuous changes are devastating on January 13th 2023. The UTP community sent a letter to VSB Trustees on January 16th 2023.

What we want

We, the concerned students, parents, alumni and citizens, demand the VSB reverse these changes for due process to take place:

We are not suggesting these changes are incorrect or beyond the VSB's remit. We are demanding due process take place so all stakeholders can be informed and given a chance to debate the changes prior to their irreversible implementation: halt the changes, re-constitute the UTP Steering Committee and let the VSB bring the proposed changes to the Committee in the full light of day. Example policy details to be fully addressed include:

It is inconceivable the VSB would implement these irreversible changes to a Program with a 20+ year track record without due process and careful consideration.

History of the University Transition Program

How You Can Help

Support the independent effort to Save the MACC Program.


James Dai, alumnus,